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Morning Safari in Dubai | Morning Desert Safari Dubai Deals
Morning Safari in Dubai | Morning Desert Safari Dubai Deals

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari Dubai – Tours Price, Tickets Cost and Activities‎. Morning Desert Safari in Dubai , Enjoy Thrilling Dune Bashing Adventure in Arabian Desert. Morning desert safari Dubai deals from best safari tour companies in Dubai. Anyone visiting Dubai should not miss the opportunity to enjoy Desert Safari, the best thing in Dubai. Even if your tour is for a day or you are staying for just few hours, we have a morning desert safari package available for you.

In this package, you will get picked up from your hotel from our active driver. You will first be doing dune bashing after reaching the desert safari point, in the SUV 4×4 Land Cruiser. Your Land Cruiser will go up and down the dunes, giving you a thrill and leave you screaming. When you are done with the dune bashing, you will be enjoying sand skiing. How can you miss the fun of sand skiing when you visit the desert! In sand skiing, you will be provided with a board by us and the very next minute, you will be sliding down the dunes. When you are done with these activities, you will be served with cold drinks in refreshment.

In the end, you will be dropped back to your place of stay after this delightful journey. During this trip, you will get many chances to take photographs that you will cherish afterwards and show them to your friends. So don’t miss this “once in a lifetime” chance and call to book us, or you can book online through our booking form.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari Dubai – Tours Price, Tickets Cost and Activities‎. Morning Desert Safari in Dubai , Enjoy Thrilling Dune Bashing Adventure in Arabian Desert. Morning desert safari Dubai deals from best safari tour companies in Dubai. Morning Desert Safari Dubai is a perfect Safari tour for the early birds who leave Dubai in the morning in our four wheel drive which takes you into the spectacular dunes for a thrilling drive like roller coasters deep in the desert. this is one of the most interesting tour items to have great fun with your friends and loved ones. You can have a slice of adventure in the desert at the same time can enjoy the scenic Dubai desert. it is pure form of fun, thrill and adventure coupled with a tinge of natural beauty of Dubai desert.


Trip Inclusions:

• Pick up from the hotel or residence anywhere in Dubai or Sharjah
• Dune Bashing
• Camel Riding (optional)
• Quad Biking (additional cost)
• Drop Back
• Mineral Water and Soft Drinks

Your trip starts in the morning, you board the land cruisers to commence your exciting trip the expert drivers would ensure maximum fun for the experience. The vast and charming Dubai desert sets the backdrop for your Dune bashing Dubai trip. Your excitement reaches its heights when the desert safari driver takes the turns over the golden sand dunes. You enjoy your ride with your friends or relatives, shouting and hooting joyfully at every jumping ride. Once the dune bashing is over, you move on to watch the camel on a camel form and go for a camel ride. After the lovely encounter with the ship of desert you move ahead for sand boarding, the thrilling skating over the sand dunes. Morning desert safari is exclusive tour with full of thrill and adventure.

We have professionally trained drivers for desert driving, the vehicles have safety roll bars and first aid kit. The drivers have got first aid training as well. All the vehicles are fully insured & fitted with tracking system directly connected to the Dubai police. Fastening seat belt is strictly followed pregnant ladies, people with heart & back problems are not recommended for trip.

Vital Information:

Days of Operation: Daily from Dubai
Trip Duration: 3 hrs
Age: 3 years & above, reccommended
Timings: Pickup 9:00 am – Drop-off 12:00noon
Location: Hatta Road (Al Aweer)
Dress code: Casual (jeans t-shirt)
Minimum Persons: Minimum 4 Persons
You Need to Know:
Littering is punishable offence & offenders may face penalties. Please refrain from smoking in public places and in the vehicle. Make it a point to stay away from public display of affection. it is not advisable for pregnant ladies and people with back problems. Quad bikes are available in the campsite with additional charges.


Camera is must but it is advised not to take pictures of Arab women without permission & photography of government & military installations is prohibited.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Mornings in the city of Dubai are always bright and full of promise. As the sun shines in the morning, it brings about the expectation of things to come. Here at Happy Tours, our aim is to fulfil those expectations by bringing you the best that the city can offer, starting off with an adventure in the desert with our fully-packed morning safari. Whether you are an adventure junkie or a culture enthusiast, we at Happy Tours have an offering that is just for you.

A morning safari in Dubai filled with new and exciting experiences to fit your preferences and budget, from our Basic Package to our Premium Golden Packhere tage. With us, your enjoyment is our priority. The morning safari starts off with a pick up at your chosen pickup point anywhere in Dubai or Sharjah. So if you want to grab a bite to eat before heading off, we can accommodate you. From there, we will take you dune bashing over the Arabian desert with our specially outfitted 4×4 SUVs.

Experience a different kind of exhilaration as we streak across desert, riding the rise and fall of the sandbanks. After the dune bashing session, we will take you to a picturesque spot, where you can immortalise the experience with pictures.

Following this, we will take you to camp, where you can ride on the back of a real full-sized camel. We will also give you the opportunity to ride a quad bike across our bike track. If you want to try your hand at sandboarding, we offer rental boards as well. To cap off your trip, we offer a variety of beverages, sodas, and water to freshen you up after a series of exciting adventures. If you want, we can even throw in a light refreshment pack for a particular package. Finally, we can drop you off at your preferred location, so you can get on with the rest of your day.

Pressed for time in Dubai? Make the most of a short stay with a 3-hour desert adventure that takes up the morning instead of an afternoon and evening. Take a 30-minute dune bash across high red dunes, and enjoy a camel ride and activities such as sand boarding (additional cost) and quad biking (additional cost) at a desert camp. Round-trip transport, hotel pickup and drop-off, and non-alcoholic drinks included.

Begin your experience with a pickup from your hotel in Dubai at about 8am. Then, hop inside your comfortable, climate-controlled vehicle and venture out of the city into the surrounding desert. Gaze at the vast sandy expanses, and watch as the terrain turns to the high, red dunes of the Al Lahbab region. Here, head off-road and with an experienced desert driver at the wheel, take off on a dune bash. Hold tight as your 4×4 climbs up the sandy slopes before skidding and slipping back down, and stop to take photos of the surrounding sea of dunes.

After a roughly 30-minute dune drive, travel on to a desert camp located in the sands. Hop out here, and choose from a range of traditional and modern desert activities. Enjoy a camel ride and opt to try sand boarding (additional cost) down the dunes or to zip across the sands on a quad bike (additional cost). Refresh your energies with non-alcoholic drinks, and if you wish, don some traditional Arabian dress for a fun souvenir photo. When the time comes, relax on your ride back to Dubai, where your morning experience finishes with a hotel drop-off.

Choosing the Perfect Dubai Desert Safari

These days Dubai might be better known for its jaw-dropping skylines and lavish attractions, but its golden desert remains as unmissable as ever. Here’s how to make the most of your safari visit.

With gazelles, wildcats, monitor lizards to be seen, the Dubai desert can match any savannah for wildlife sightings. Try a falconry experience for the ultimate in animal close-ups.

Camel Rides
Camel rides make for a great hands-on Dubai Desert Tour. Most desert safaris include a short ride, but you can definitely opt for a tour with extended riding time.

Budget safaris (meals included) are available, but it’s worth it to spend a little more if possible. You’ll get authentic, local cuisine and hospitality that makes you feel like a VIP.

Extreme Thrills
Thrill-seekers are spoilt for choice with the dune-bashing, quad-biking, sand-skiing, and dune-buggy rides offered on various safari tours. Not for the faint-hearted!

Time of Day
Can’t handle the heat? Experience the desert by night. The evening tours offer breathtaking beauty and a unique stargazing experience.

Planning Your Visit

What is Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve?
With Dubai’s rapid expansion, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve was founded to protect the natural landscape and endemic wildlife from overspill. It is located in the southeastern corner of the Emirate of Dubai and covers 87 squared miles of land. Some safaris are allowed to take you out to these pristine dunes.

How hot does it get?
Dubai summer temperatures average at 106ºF (41ºC), and often get a lot higher than that. Temperatures are more comfortable between December and March, but you might have to contend with irregular spurts of rain.

Can you camp?
In some places it’s possible to camp, but unless you’re extremely experienced, we wouldn’t recommend it without being accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. Fortunately, there are several overnight camping safaris available.

What is a desert safari?
What can you really expect on a safari tour? More than you may realize! This is your chance to drive over dunes and participate in a variety of traditional desert activities: camel riding, sandboarding, trying shisha, authentic cuisine, henna tattoos, and local entertainment.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai – Tours Price, Tickets Cost and Activities‎. Morning Desert Safari in Dubai , Enjoy Thrilling Dune Bashing Adventure in Arabian Desert. Morning desert safari Dubai deals from best safari tour companies in Dubai.

Morning Desert Safari in Dubai


Morning Desert Safari Dubai - Tours Price, Tickets Cost and Activities‎. Morning Desert Safari in Dubai , Enjoy Thrilling Dune Bashing Adventure in Arabian Desert. Morning desert safari Dubai deals from best safari tour companies in Dubai.

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  1. Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

    Early Morning Desert Safari Dubai : Early Morning Safari tour is our exclusive desert safari tour those tourists who have less time or do not have time in the evening. We have different morning safari tours available and tourist can choose out of them according to their comfort.

    Our Early Morning Safari package is an outstanding experience which gives you a spectacular view of sunrise while enjoying camel ride.

    If you want to see mesmerizing sight of sunrise then, Call us now at 00971 55 5754459 | 00971 55 5758575 or email us info@desertsafaridubai.ws to book your Early Morning Desert Safari package with us.

    In this tour, we start at 5.00 am and make you experience the most spectacular Sunrise Desert Safari. Our professional driver picks you up at 5.00 am from your location and takes you to desert where you can enjoy desert driving (dune driving), sand boarding, one hour of camel riding and 45 minutes of quad bikes riding. We arrange refreshments for you in camp. We provide breakfast, soft-drinks and mineral water during the tour. After that, our driver drops you at the hotel. We offer highly comfortable and awesome services which make your Dubai visit worth much more than anything else. If you want to enjoy our adventurous Morning Desert Safari then dial us now!!

    To book this tour with us give a call at 00971 55 5754459 or email us info@desertsafaridubai.ws

    Adventurous Highlights of Early Morning Desert Safari

    Pick-up time approximately 05:00AM
    Desert Dune driving
    Camel riding
    Quad bikes (ATV) driving
    Refreshments (Breakfast and soft-drinks) are provided
    Drop off approximately 10:00 AM

    You can enjoy photography in Early Morning Safari Dubai as it is allowed in the desert.

    Choose this package if:

    You are available for few hours in Dubai that too in morning only.
    You want to experience the adventurous safari in Dubai.
    You want to don’t want to miss Sunrise Morning Desert Safari Dubai.
    You looking for a well-managed and affordable sunrise safari with breakfast.
    You want complete value for you money.

    You can take pleasure of this delightful tour with us on a highly affordable price.
    To get a quote email us at info@desertsafaridubai.ws or Dial 00971 55 5754459 | 00971 55 5758575


    Free pick up and drop off
    Sunrise while on the camel
    One hour camel riding
    45 minutes quad biking
    Picture with desert falcons
    Sand boarding
    Delicious breakfast


    Q. What is the total expenses (desert safari price) for the evening desert safari in Dubai?
    A. For a complete pick up to drop off experience of a Desert safari in Dubai, the expenses are only AED 250 per person.

    Q. What is the pickup and drop off time for evening desert safari ?
    A. Pick up time is approximately 3:00 Pm and Drop off time is approximately 9:30 to 10:00Pm.

    Q. What is the minimum number of passengers for evening safari?
    A. There is no minimum number of passengers for booking the tour.

    Q. Which Vehicle is using for Evening Desert Safaris?
    A. We are always using Toyota 4*4 Land Cruiser for Desert Safari and 6 to 7 passengers can accommodate in it.

    Q. How do I make a reservation for dubai sunset desert safari?
    A. You may contact us at info@desertsafaridubai.ws or even place a call on +971 (55) 5754 459, +971(55) 5758575

    Q. How do I pay for the sundowner tour in Dubai?
    A. We collect the payment once you reach the camp after the red dune safari.

    Q. Is it possible to pay by Credit Card evening bbq dinner desert safari?
    A. Yes, You can pay by Credit Card and there will be additional 5% charge extra from the total amount.

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